Who we are
We're a group of human rights activists frustrated with the inadequate and often overpriced tools needed to make our causes accessible and engaging. Knowing that thousands of stories were going unheard, we were determined to give them a voice.

The result is CrowdVoice.by

An interactive platform where anyone can broadcast and visualize a message, raise awareness, and invite change.
Why we're needed

Today’s digital media is cluttered and volatile, so we’re here to make sorting and preserving information easy. CrowdVoice.by gives you the tools to organize, share, and galvanize your cause, or simply archive content for future research and education. It's never been easier to connect to what matters.

Community Oriented

CrowdVoice.by is built to streamline the crowdsourcing of information, while allowing you to moderate content to best reflect your cause. We believe information advocacy works best with the involvement of networked communities. In other words, you, the people you know, the people they know, and so on. This core ethos carries over into our software.
CrowdVoice.by is an open source project.

Our partners

CrowdVoice.by is honored to have partnered with the following organizations.

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